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  1. mark7-sean

    Evolution Automated Primer Feeder Size

    Paul, You can absolutely purchase 2 onboard primer collators but it wouldn't be necessary unless you have 2 evolution presses, as one primer collator and the conversion kit will do the trick for one evolution press. Also our onboard primer collator will not attach on a Dillion press and is only compatible with our presses.
  2. mark7-sean

    Programable Powder Measure Question

    Paul, The programmable powder measure will not work on a 1050 set up as it is designed for the evolution/revolution presses and requires the software and firmware designed for those presses in order to operate correctly. With that said if you purchase an evolution press and then buy the conversion kit to convert your 1050 pro autodrive to an evolution pro autodrive to automate your evolution then you will have the necessary tools to run a programmable powder measure. Its accuracy is +/- .2 grains.
  3. mark7-sean

    Evolution Questin

    Paul, A.) The Evolution comes with a mechanical version of the Programmable Powder Measure that is the same as the "Spare Powder Measure" in the package builder. You can purchase the programmable powder measure for $799.95, here is the link for it: https://www.markvii-loading.com/Programmable-Powder-Measure_p_401.html B.) The Optimized Die Pack Includes: Mighty Armory Decap Die, Mighty Armory Swage Hold Down Die, Redding Competition Re-Size Die, Lee Precision Universal Expansion Die, Redding Competition Seating Die w/ Micrometer, & Redding Competition Crimp Die w/ Micrometer. C.) Sorry for the confusion but yes they are caliber specific and we are correcting any errors or typo's at this time on our webpage so it is clearer in the future for purchasing.
  4. mark7-sean

    Evolution Questions

    Paul, At this time we do not have a determined price for these conversion kits because the evolution onboard primer collator will be a different converting process then the revolution. This will play a factor in the difference of the collator conversion kit prices between the two presses.