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  1. mark7-misty

    primer seating blowing out rim

    Hello its okay, were here to help. We can check a few things. 1. Is the crank hitting the stop bar on the up stroke? It should only hit the stop bar during calibration and then the motor backs it off during the run cycle. If you notice the crank hitting the upper stop bar please contact support ia phone for an electronics repair 888-462-7577. 2. Do you have the new or old style punch spring. I recommend upgrading to the new version then you wouldn't need to back off the primer seating depth so far. 3. What software version on you on? You can find this information on the warning screen just below the accept/deny buttons. The latest version is 2.11. Please make sure you are running the latest software. Please visit www.markvii-loading.com under the support tab and select software updates. Thank you, Misty M7 Support Adjusting Primer depth on the Mark 7® 650 Pro Autodrive.pdf
  2. mark7-misty

    Need older firmwares?

    Hello @Anatolian Arms Sorry for the delay on getting back to you, the software version is 2.11 and likely needs a complete update. Please try turning off the main electronics console and unplugging the cables and re-inserting them and gently wiggling it to ensure all the cables are making good contact. It’s likely that if you only complete a software update and not a firmware update it won’t display the accept or deny buttons. Please see attached step-by-step instructions and a link to the update files to try both the software and firmware update again. Link: https://www.markvii-loading.com/blog/software_update Thank you, Misty Kapke Mark 7 Support Software&Firmware Update.pdf
  3. mark7-misty

    Sensors compatibility

    Hi @Gib the autodrive is needed for the digital sensors. You can use the low primer alarm only on the manual Evolution press.
  4. mark7-misty

    primer seating blowing out rim

    @bob Thank you for taking the time to write back on results. Not sure why the unit needed powering off to calibrate properly, but please let us know if this happens again or you notice future issues. This could be an issue with the a cable or connection somewhere. Thank you, Misty M7 Support
  5. mark7-misty

    primer seating blowing out rim

    @bob Thank you for your question! When you calibrate the machine make sure your shell plate is always empty. If you calibrate with cases in the shell plate you will create a "false" bottom and that change/shorten your total stroke length. Also make sure you don't have any dies or accessories set too low in the toolhead. To really know if you have a shorted stroke put the autodrive in neutral by pressing the stop sign on the tablet and then hitting neutral (tap it on the pop-up a few times) to disengage the motor and put a 11/16" wrench on the shaft protrusion to feel the full stroke length. When you calibrate the crank should go all the way to the upper stop bar and all the way down to the baseplate cut out. Then after you calibrate the motor will back it off a bit to avoid any damage. As you were doing see attached article to adjust the bottom trim/primer depth you do a full shut down and fresh calibration with an empty shellplate. If you have an older model 650 you may want to contact Dillion for the newer punch model so you don't have to make this adjustment so severe. As you adjust this setting from 0-50 you will back off the primer punch so you don't seat the primers too high. Thank you, Misty M 7 Support Adjusting Primer depth on the Mark 7® 650 Pro Autodrive.pdf
  6. mark7-misty


    Hello, just give us a call to discuss 888-462-7577 (sales option #1)
  7. Hello, For new setup you do not need to attempt any software/firmware updates. It is pre-loaded with the latest version and will start up without this process. Please contact support at www.markvii-loading.com/support for individual assistance. Thank you, Misty