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    C__Users_Al_Desktop_Mark_loader-Circuit_2018-8-29 Model (1).pdf Hi guys. thought this would be an interesting mod to the primer feeder. specifically the MARK 7® PRIMERSENSE® LOW PRIMER SENSOR. What I did was abandon the low primmer sensor and add a circuit that would fit inside the Dillon alarm sensor that fits on the top of the feeder tube. I wanted something that would give me the Dillon audible alarm as well as alert the mark 7 with out all the external switching. I was able to add this small circuit that fits all within the existing Dilon part. I just have a wire that comes out of the Dillon and plugs into the Mark 7. the circuit is a little small but been running this for a year and it works like a charm. one downside is you have to have a battery in the Dillon alarm for it to work. other than that it is super sensitive and give the loader a very clean look.