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  1. Dan D.

    Warning screen accept/deny issue

    Having the same issue with the acceptance tab no showing so a big Thanks for the fix. I’ll give it a go this morning. Posted my question in another section but eventually found this thread. New MK 7 auto drive user. Less than 3,000 rounds, in service first of this week and have had to do lots of tuning to get it to run efficiently.
  2. Newly installed MK 7 auto drive on a Dillon S1050. Loaded 2,000 plus 9mm’s. System shut down and after powering back up the Mark7 required acceptance of the waiver/disclaimer acceptance button does not display. Loader will not operate w/O the acceptance. I’ve powered completely off several times and rebooted the tablet several times. No acceptance tab. What are issues or processes I should check to get this loader back in service?