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  1. Having same exact issue I have been running 2-1050's with autodrives for several years i have had zero issues and have ran well over a million cycles. I purchased a new xl750 and a new autodrive. This thing will not even come close to seating a 9mm primer. Primer brand should have no effect on seating, so I disagree with that. Not to mention primers are hard to find now and we cant be picky on what we can get are hands on. I am running federals currently. My priming depth looks identical to the original post of the 223. Theres not fully seating then there is this.....barely enough tension to even hold the primer in, its so shallow. Phone calls and emails to support no response. I have installed most up to date firmware and software, shell plate is tight, only have the sizing die installed and its just kissing the plate at full up. Even backed die completely out then calibrated. The autodrive just wont go down far enough unless i hit stop, select neutral mode then put the wrench on it and manually set it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will send it in if needed just need it to work.