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  1. I've been running a Mark 7 on my XL650, and bought a XL750 last summer to run on the Mark 7, and also ran into this last night loading some 9mm for a USPSA match today. I had replaced the OEM powder failsafe bushing/mount with one from UniqueTek so I could have a bit more control over the orientation of the powder measure. The UniqueTek bushing is brass. This created too much drag on the Mark 7, and it wouldn't calibrate properly, or seat primers. I disconnected the failsafe, and it ran fine. Replaced the OEM mount and nylon bushing, and it runs fine.
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    Precision rifle loading?

    I was getting some torque sense stoppages during calibration, and when the index ring was hitting the cam block on my 650. I had the settings pretty high. It was suggested to lube the index ring/pawl with more grease, so I watched the Dillon video for lubrication on Youtube, and essentially you want grease on every place where metal touches plastic, and 30w motor oil on the shaft. The downside to more lubrication is if you get any powder spillage from a primer not getting seated, or slop on indexing, it really gets the press pretty nasty. With the XL650's rotary primer mechanism, this led to more issues with the primer feed. I've since swapped the 650 out for a 750, and have been doing some reorganization and haven't loaded anything on the autodrive yet for the 750. I also use case lube for everything, where I rarely used it except for rifle in the past. I use Brass Juice, and it works really well.
  3. I've had a couple of the Samsung devices I own do this. One was a phone, and the other a tablet. Super irritating. One was barely more than a year old, and fortunately Verizon replaced it at a very discounted price, since it happened immediately after a firmware update. The tablet was a refurb, and lasted about a month before it did the same thing. Ended up paying Samsung to fix it.