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XL 750 and Mark 7 650 Pro Not Seating Primers Correctly

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Using Mark 7 650 Pro with XL750. CCI 450 Primers are protruding from the bottom of the case and not seating far enough when attempting to reload .223 cases. Primer Depth/Bottom Trim setting is 0.

I am performing a calibration with a clear shell plate. The ram upstroke appears to be ok with full upstroke, however, the downstroke i am unsure of, as the bottom of the knuckle does not enter the cut out in the bottom of the frame (see calibration photo).  I am using a new motor purchased from Mark 7 two days ago.

Anyone had any luck with this?16023783996516627900980453716418.thumb.jpg.fa9c2acf2b2ff3638208e92745189507.jpg16023784400472808873371137642577.thumb.jpg.0ff9ff477ff11ef7a5bf73bde8c19cec.jpg16023941161041688674008591981609.thumb.jpg.a1eb6a94fbe3256edb42dddccbe6d683.jpg

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